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Registration Open for Aug 2024 SAT

Time is your child's biggest asset, we will deliver the GREATEST VALUE in the most OPTIMAL TIME.
Ace2College is a Thinking Feet initiative.  90%+ of our students have scored 1500+ (multiple top scores of 1590).

SAT Math Challenge

If your child can confidently tackle each of these questions within 10 seconds, they're poised for a high SAT score, likely surpassing 1530.

Remarkably, proficiency in Math demonstrates a profound impact on English performance.

Why? It's rooted in a lesser-known secret: SAT English assesses analytical reading skills. Thus, strong analytical skills in Math invariably translates into enhanced English proficiency.

A2C SAT Math Challenge

Getting Started

Our innovative strategies will enhance speed and accuracy, empowering students to solve similar questions in 10 seconds or less.

Consider the surplus of time gained, translating into improved scores.

With Ace2College strategies tailored for both English and Math, your student can swiftly advance to achieve a higher score.

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