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Registration Open for Aug 2024 SAT

Registration now open for Oct 2024 SAT. Classes start July.
Time is your child's biggest asset, we will deliver the GREATEST VALUE in the most OPTIMAL TIME.

Call: 980-292-1441. Mon - Fri. 10AM - 5PM.

Ace2College is a Thinking Feet initiative.  90%+ of our students have scored 1500+ (multiple top scores of 1590).

Path 2 Ace the SAT

Our goal is to target a score of 1500+ while taking the least amount of prep time.

We achieve this with:

  1. A strong focus on STRATEGY that saves a ton of prep time. After all TIME is your child's biggest asset.
  2. Challenging content. Our content is more challenging than what students can expect in the SAT. This prepares them to handle fluctuations in content difficulty very efectively.
  3. SMALL GROUPS. This allows our coaches to observe and develop each student from a close distance .

Student's Development Path


Phase 1

  • Focus on Content Mastery, Strategy, and Efficiency enhancement.

Phase 2

  • Fine tune Strategy. Further accuracy improvement with higher level content.

Phase 3

  • Strengthen testing nerves through multiple test practice and analysis.

Strategy and Content Mastery

  • With the right strategies, we help our students achieve content mastery in less than one-third the time compared to most market approaches that rely on a brute force approach.
  • It is not sufficient just to solve a whole bunch of questions. If that were true, every student would be scoring high.  Brute force alone does not work.
  • Our team has invested hundreds of hours in developing strategies that help students leapfrog the learning curve and save a lot of time. They can then invest the saved time in building their solid college application portfolios.
  • Our content prepares students for a level that is slightly higher than the SAT. As a result they are able to handle actual test content fluctuations much better.

Fine tuning

  • Every student has blind spots in learning. The only way to effectively solve for the blind spots is with an external coach who observes them from a close distance. In our small group classes,  coaches understand the strengths and development areas of each student intimately and suggest customized improvements. This further increases students' score potential.

Execution in Test Practice

  • Students take 6 full Tests building their grit, persistence, and execution confidence.






Group Classes (32 hours)

8 - 10 students: $640 per student

5 - 7 students: $800 $640 per student (limited time promo)

3 - 4 students: $1250 $800 per student (limited time promo)

Private Classes

Sr. Coach $120 per hour

Jr. Coach $80 per hour

Class Schedule & Logistics:

  • The most engaging virtual classes.
  • Targeting Oct SAT (Math and English)

    • Summer Timings (July 15 - Aug 23): Tue and Wed OR Tue and Fri: 5:30PM - 7:30PM.

    • Fall Timings (Sep): Sat mornings or afternoons: 2 hours.

    • Test Practice: Sep 16 - Oct 2.

  • Class size will be 10 or less.
  • Ongoing tracking and reporting of progress. As a parent you will always be in the loop of your child's development. 

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