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Our Core Value

Time is your child's biggest asset, we will deliver the GREATEST VALUE in the most OPTIMAL TIME.
Ace2College is a Thinking Feet initiative.

Our Journey

Ace2College is a Thinking Feet initiative (

Thinking Feet started in 2014 and has grown over the years into Charlotte's premiere enrichment provider in Coding, Advanced Math, ELA, Public Speaking. Thinking Feet launched their SAT program in Feb 2020 with a philosophy of optimizing the learning time. 90%+ students scored 1500+ with under 40 hours of classes. All our programs embody an emphasis on strategic thinking and are able to achieve significant results for our students in a much shorter time.

The Ace2College umbrella was launched in 2023 to offer a full suite of services preparing students for their Path to College.

Founder: Tuhin Dutt

Tuhin ​brings a passion for analytical thinking and creativity that led him to pioneer many innovations in the financial services industry. While in his Electrical Engineering undergrad, in the mid 1990s Tuhin designed a modular home security system that worked on a innovative concept of digital signal processing and was designed for the user to be able to expand sensors on their own with a lot of flexibility. More recently, Tuhin won the top prize in Charlotte's Big Data Hackathon in 2013.

"Calculus and Physics were my absolute favorite subjects in High School, but I also loved language arts, especially writing". Tuhin describes this as a somewhat rare but very achievable combination of excelling in both analytical and artistic fields of study. "In essence, both involve creative problem solving".

This philosophy has led to an analytical approach in all Thinking Feet programs.

At Ace2College & Thinking Feet, Tuhin hopes to generate passion and energy in young minds around logical problem solving, analytical thinking and unbridled creativity instilling in them the confidence to take on new challenges.

Tuhin has an Electrical Engineering undergrad from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and a MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. He is an avid tennis enthusiast and can be found in a tennis court at least 4 days a week every week.


Our Commitment Promise

When you sign up with us, you become close family. Your child's success drives our success. You will find us overcommunicating on multiple fronts.

  • We will be on top of timelines for deliverables / home assignments with parents being in the loop at all times to ensure regular progress. 
  • Student progress tracking - parents will have a view at all times on how their child is progressing.
  • Regular feedback from counselor / teacher will be part of the continuous tracking.
  • For college counseling and application support, our goal is to make sure the student finds the college which is the right fit for them. We start with a full student profile and advise families on college selection not just based on a published ranking but based on finer nuances of each college and their program We always strive for best prospects of the student thriving in their college years.
  • Mr. Dutt is closely involved in all aspects of every program. He is the primary counselor for College Application support, having worked with multiple students who got admitted to multiple top colleges with scholarships. With the advent of the NEW Digital SAT, Mr. Dutt will be the primary coach throughout along with other teachers. He will have a close eye on student development at all times - guaranteed.


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