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ACT Prep

Build a solid ACT Foundation. Master ACT content and learn unique strategies on English, Math, Reading, and Science. Begins Summer 2024.

What We Offer

Personalized Guidance

Our team provides personalized guidance tailored to each student's unique needs, ensuring they receive the support they need to succeed in the path 2 college. Students will learn to identify the right colleges based on their academic goals, interests, and values.

Extensive Resources

Equip students with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions. Help them understand various college options, majors, financial aid opportunities, and the application process. Encourage them to explore their interests and values to find the best fit.

College Mentoring

Students can begin as early as middle school! They will receive guidance on course selection, extra curriculars, summer planning, ACT/SAT planning, and the college essay. This tailored approach ensures students make well-informed decisions about where to apply and ultimately enroll.

Are you ready to conquer the ACT and achieve your dream score?

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming 12-week ACT preparation session, starting in Summer 2024!

Why Choose Us?
  • Proven Success: Our track record speaks volumes! Our previous students achieved SAT scores of up to 1590!
  • Continuous Improvement: We believe in your potential. Our program is designed to help you grow academically and achieve results that open doors to your future.
  • Customized Learning: No two students are the same. We personalize our approach to meet your unique needs and help you tackle the ACT with confidence.

Ready to make 2024 your year of ACT triumph? Don't miss out—reserve your spot today!
Limited spots available.


  • Maximum of 5 Students in the group.
  • Students must be 10th Grade or up.
  • Sign Up for a 2 hour assessment. Enrollment will depend on the assessment results.
  • Be committed to attending all 12-weeks.
    • In cases of illness or emergency, students will be required to watch the recordings and submit the necessary work before the following class.
Session Breakdown
  • Total 24 hour program.
  • 2 hours per week for 12 weeks.
  • Starts Summer 2024.


Ready to Ace Your Path2College?

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